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"Daniel Esquivia-Zapata’s portrait of Gerardo is an exquisite drawing, revealing a subtle mastery of a variety of materials- graphite, pastel, charcoal, and guess (on mylar… Esquivia-Zapata’s graphs the inner life of his male sitter -the essence of his selfhood- covering his profound humanity and dignity”  

Some Dialectical Images, Uncharted, Donald Kuspit.


This is series of drawings I have started which explores the idea of an ecosystem of histories. The name of the series, Noosferas, comes from the French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the sphere of human thought. 


 The public space is one of the spaces I am most interested in and since 2015 I have started to make projects and interventions in the public space from the drawing.

Paper & Time

A series of portraits playing with ideas of narrative and text. 

Beings Of texts

The hummingbird are a part of series of drawings and lithographs that is looking for a image of hope and a shape that our memories could take.


I usually make line drawings to study and understand what I'm working on, I also usually draw hands to practice my drawing. These are some of those drawings

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