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My work is centered on a exploration of ideas of historiography, narrative, memory and the human figure. Most of my work, like the one that I am presenting to you here, is a search for metaphors that illustrate the complexities of remembering, an exercise not just of why and what but also of how. This exploration has taken me into creating images that look to replace the common metaphor of memory and history as a container with a metaphor of memory as something alive, which can live, age, die or be killed, or exist as an ecosystem. 

This is series of drawings I have started which explores the idea of an ecosystem of histories. The name of the series, Noosferas, comes from the French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the sphere of human thought. 


In this drawing I represent memory as a living organism, a tree, whose roots are the person’s hands. Memory, therefore, is a living thing that is cultivated (nurtured and trimmed, allowed to overgrow or cut down) through what the hands (our decisions, our actions) can do. Memory is actively nurtured by both the past and the present. 

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