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The public space is one of the spaces that most interests me and since 2015 I have started to make projects and interventions in the public space from the drawing. From my point of view, these projects are a way to intervene what is really the public space, that is, a door to the state of opinion and the flow of current cultural debates. All this is clear, if the images are powerful enough and if they are connected to current realities. Therefore daring to create images at this level and in this type of political spaces is exactly what is most interesting to do in the public space, try to engage in conversations through a visual language. These are some of these projects.

Mural at

Universidad Pedagogica


In this mural nine of the victims of the National Pedagogic University were portrayed. The portraits, in addition to having the complete body of each of the 9 people, were made with relevant texts for each of the victims.

Mural San Nicolas

A mural that I did in San Nicolas, Soacha a neighborhood  in the south of Bogotá

Other Murals

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