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Mural  at Universidad Pedagogica Nacional

In this mural nine of the victims of the National Pedagogic University were portrayed. The portraits, in addition to having the complete body of each of the 9 people, were made with relevant texts for each of the victims. These texts vary between texts that they and they wrote; texts they read, like poems, essays, books; own or other people's phrases that identified them.

These are the people that we portrayed on the mural:(click on each of the names for a link with more information)

- Dario Betancourt Echeverry: 1952 - 1999, Director Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, UPN.

- Miguel Angel Quiroga: 1971-1998, Licenciado en Ciencias Sociales, UPN y Sacerdote Marianista.

- Lizaida Maria Ruiz Borja: 1987-2012, Licenciada en Lenguas Modernas, UPn.

- Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo: 1986-2015, Licenciado en Ciencias Sociales, UPN. Desaparecido y Asesinado.

- Goldson Granados:1976-2001, Estudiante Licenciatura Educación Física, UPN. 

- Daniel Andres Garzón Riveros: 1989-2012, Estudiante Licenciatura en Ciencias Sociales, UPN.

- Eduardo Loffsner Torres: 1955-1986, Trabajador de UPN y Dirigente Sindical.

- Oscar Danilo Arcos: 1991-2012, Estudiante Licenciatura en Ciencias Sociales, UPN.

- Cristina del Pilar Guarin: 1958-1985, Licenciada en Ciencias Sociales, UPN. 

"Now they live there on the wall the looks of those who are not, the wounds with the shape of their silhouettes that burn at each dawn the thoughts of their families have been imprinted on this wall that some once witnessed his steps. "

Macondiana, mural assistant