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Mural at Universidad Pedagogica Nacional :

In this mural nine of the victims of the National Pedagogic University were portrayed. The portraits, in addition to having the complete body of each of the 9 people, were made with relevant texts for each of the victims. These texts vary between texts that they and they wrote; texts they read, like poems, essays, books; own or other people's phrases that identified them.   These texts were chosen by several of the family members and / or friends of the victims, and in many cases they were transferred, either in family or in groups, directly to the wall, and they decided how to place the documents on the wall around your loved ones. Many of the people that you see in the photos here are part of this group of people who were with me drawing.  



The project was mainly carried out in collaboration with several of the relatives and / or friends of the victims and with the Pedagogical University, specifically with the support and supervision of the Office of the University Welfare Subdirectorate and with economic support from the Peace Axis of the Pedagogic University and the Union of the University.  



This was a very significant experience for me, since from my point of view, it is important to reflect on our society from the life stories of our people, and much more from the life stories and the way of thinking of our victims. It is these ways of thinking that are constantly attacked in our society physically or in the political space of our historical memory, these are the ones we need to keep constantly in mind, since, like many of the people, our victims and their forms thinking are emblems of our way of thinking and what we dare to be despite our reality.   Additionally it was a very beautiful experience to see myself in the middle of such a big drawing, realizing a role of facilitator of an image in collaboration with so many people and getting to know and being 5 months accompanied by the thought of 9 people and the stories around of their lives, in a certain way reminded me how important and great a life becomes.


These are the names of the 9 people that we portray:

- Dario Betancourt Echeverry

- Miguel Angel Quiroga

- Lizaida Ruiz

- Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo

- Goldson Granados

- Daniel Riveros

- Eduardo Loffsner

- Oscar Danilo Arcos

- Cristina del Pilar Guarin

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